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Discover what our devices can do, learn in our inspection device training courses directly from professionals how to use the devices professionally and receive tips for using our inspection devices in your individual application!

Why an inspection device training course?

In order to achieve perfect inspection results with your inspection system, we recommend our product training in our training center. are you not quite sure how to best use your new tool? No matter! With our product training courses, every customer gets their money's worth.

Perhaps you are still not sure which device is right for your inspections? Then give us a call and make an appointment with us! In our training courses we go into detail on your individual problems and recommend the perfect investigation tool for your application.

Learn from the best


The successful interaction between user and inspection system is just as important as reliable equipment, because even the best inspection system won't help you much if you can't handle it.

Our training courses and product trainings are held by experienced experts in non-destructive testing . Our certified service technicians give you valuable tips for a time and cost-saving visual inspection and advise you on how to achieve the best inspection results and how to document them professionally and comprehensibly. Our product training is user-oriented and is carried out exclusively by experienced employees with many years of expertise.


Where the inspection equipment training takes place


The product training generally takes place in our training center in Rhein-Main. We are also happy to offer you in-house product training. This can be an advantage if a product is to be demonstrated directly in use or several of your employees are to be trained.




Our endoscope repair service for systems for visual inspection

Is your endoscope damaged? Has the casing of your probe been destroyed? Is there a crack in the lens of your camera? Do you need a repair or modification of your inspection device? Then our Endsokop Repair Service is the right place for you! Our competent endoscope repair technicians repair your endoscope or your inspection camera!

The advantages of endoscope repairs by us:

Specially trained repair technicians and the use of spare parts from German production guarantee you inexpensive and high-quality repairs as well as possible upgrades and modifications of your devices.


Fast repair service icon

Short repair times and rental equipment service


Does your videoscope fail when you need it most? We solve your problem and offer you short repair times and replacement rental equipment quickly and inexpensively. If desired, a service technician will come to your facility - also with a radiation pass in your power plant control area. Trust us for endoscope repairs and benefit from our large selection of video endoscopes and tank and pipe cameras!


Inexpensive endoscope repairs

Inexpensive repairs of endoscopes and other inspection devices


Our technicians will check your inspection device for you and provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your product. We only repair or replace the component actually affected. In some cases, a complete overhaul or conversion is worthwhile in order to benefit from additional performance. On request, only minimal endoscope repairs are carried out to ensure proper functionality.


Sustainable endoscope repair icon

High quality, durability and value retention


Our qualified technicians used almost exclusively spare parts made in Germany. You receive a 6-month guarantee on repairs carried out (excluding wear parts. The guarantee on repair work does not extend the general guarantee for the entire equipment). Materials and technology are continuously developed and improved and used for continuous improvement. When it comes to repairs, we procure, manufacture and use new components and technologies, which often offer a longer service life and increased performance.


6 months guarantee

6 months guarantee


A 6 month guarantee that goes beyond that of many other manufacturers. Thanks to our extensively certified quality system and the constant further development of our products and processes, we offer you products and services at the highest level. Our service technicians have the necessary training and knowledge to be able to carry out services and repairs in nuclear facilities as well.

Do you need an endoscope repair or the repair or modification of another inspection device? Then contact us! We would be happy to go through the next steps with you and discuss a possible replacement with you during the repair period. Request a non-binding offer now!


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