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Your customized inspection camera
We offers a wide range of camera systems, accessories and other equipment for non-destructive testing and foreign object retrieval. If you still cannot find the right solution, don’t worry, we will not let you down! Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Therefore, we always strive to develop the right systems for you and to continuously optimise our existing products. In order to make sure that your visual inspections run smoothly and can be carried out without any issues, we always offer to develop a special customized inspection solution for your particular application, in case our serial products cannot fulfil the inspection task.
Some examples of special inspection solutions
Ever since our foundation, we gives our best to create the ideal inspection systems for your remote visual inspection. That is why we have many years of experience in developing customer-specific inspection solutions in various fields. Here you will find a small overview of some inspection solutions that we have developed specifically for individual applications:
Camera for dish washer inspections
The Alkacid Research Camera was a special solution for a customer who wanted to monitor dish washers during operation and document the processes that take place. So we developed an inspection camera that is both waterproof as well as heat-resistant, with integrated auto focus, bright LED illumination and wide angle optics. This customized inspection camera is of course also usable for similar devices such as washing machines.
Individually modifiable UV endoscope
Maybe you already stumbled upon the UVin in our video endoscope section. This special endoscope was developed originally as a customized videoscope with UV illumination. Although we now offer this videoscope as serial product, it is most of the times individually adjusted to the circumstances of our customers’ applications.
The slightly different pipe camera
With our inspection camera “Pipe” we have invented a tube and pipe inspection camera that you have never seen before. It is a small camera for the inspection of big volumes. With only 43 mm diameter, the 130° wide angle optics and great illumination you can easily inspect vessels with up to 800 mm diameter. But it is not only that which makes the Pipe a special inspection camera! For one of our customers, we have modified it to be a pan-tilt camera – the Pipe NK.
The “sword camera”
As special solution, the DE 2.4 was developed for one of our customers. Today, this inspection camera is known as VUFLEX, the thinnest video endoscope with only 2.4 mm. This camera was especially designed for the nuclear sector, where it is the most efficient camera for the inspection of heat exchangers. Although the VUFLEX is now a serial product, it is our most customized video endoscope.
Customized centering devices
Of course we offer special solutions for any kind of system or device that is needed for non-destructive testing. This centering device for example. Originally, this device was meant for pipes with smaller diameters, but in the meantime, we have designed it for bigger pipes with diameters up to 1.5 m. Furthermore, we modified it. With the help of a centering disk, this device can now also be used with smaller cameras or even the thin probes.
Your special inspection solution
Nothing suitable for your needs? Then contact us, because that's exactly what we're here for you! Let's consider together which type of inspection device is right for your application.


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