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Rigid endoscope
Description :
Characteristics :

Mini-Rigid Borescopes 


To facilitate visual inspection of minor components, products and units, borescopes with reduced diameters have been developed which are equipped with the excellent "High-Speed" rod lens system . They are characterised by an excellent image reproduction, both in the centre and the peripheral zone of the view field. In this way, they facilitate inspection of small-size details in all industrial applications by rendering high-resolution, super-bright images. 

Technical specifications

  • Jacket tube, shank and fibre-optic light guide entry piece made of stainless steel
  • Fibre-optic light guide entry piece holder with light condenser, i.e. the light intensity output at the tip is increased by 30%
  • Adaptable, fibre-optic light guide entry piece (ACM, Wolf); the adapters allow connection of many other makes
  • DIN ISO eyepiece: 32 mm; this enables easy connection of accessories, such as cameras of most of manufacturers
  • Three-tube design for the Ø 1.9 mm and 2.7 mm devices; objective lenses protected by three stainless steel tubes (outer, inner and optical tube); easy repair and robust design; for devices up to Ø 1.7 mm two stainless steel tubes
  • High bending resistance
  • Special design rod lens system; excellent image brightness and very high resolution
  • Large focus depth: 1 mm until infinity
  • Large field of view
  • The instrument is resistant to fuels, oil and other conventional solvents as well as is water-tight
  • Operating temperature -40° – +120°
  • Pressure resistance 3 bar

Design types

  • Diameter: 1.5 mm, 1.7 mm, 1.9 mm or 2.7 mm and 4 mm
  • Effective lengths: 50 mm to 260 mm, depending on the diameter
  • Viewing directions: 0°, 30° or 70° (90° with mirror tube)
  • Field of view: 65° for Ø 1.5 mm and 1.7 mm, 65° and 40° for Ø 1.9 mm, as well as 80° and 40° for Ø 2.7 mm
  • Accessories: protection tubes, mirror tubes, angulated attachment, photo and camera adapter



Technical specifications

  • Using the latest lens technology
  • Very high resolution
  • Large focus depth
  • Excellent transmission
  • Excellent recognisibility of details
  • Extraordinary brightness
  • Very high resolution both in the centre and the peripheral zone of the view field
  • Makes the smallest fault visible
  • Extremely wide range of uses for all types of applications

Design types

  • Shank diameter: 4 mm, 5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm
  • Effective lengths: from 158 to 1,450 mm
  • Viewing directions: 0°, 45°, 70°, 90° and 110°
  • Field of view: 35°, 56°, 70°, 90°
  • Accessories: Angulated attachment, mirror tube, protection tube, photo and camera adapter

Swing-Prism Borescopes  


Borescopes with variable viewing direction, objective lens probe rotatable by 340°, focussing and optional zoom eyepiece for magnification allow inspections with continuous adjustment from 55°, slanted view ahead, to 115°, retrospective view. All settings are made on the eyepiece. Consequently, the instrument enables to carry out several inspection tasks in a flexible and fast way. Moreover, the viewing range is extended owing to the objective lens probe rotatable by 340°.

Technical specifications

  • Full-metal design, triple-pipe system made of stainless steel
  • Device body and eyepiece are made of aluminium alloy with hard anodic coating
  • Innovative rotating device allowing a complete separation of the control functions for rotation and swing prism
  • Adaptable fibre-optic light guide entry piece (ACM, Wolf). The adapter allows to connect many other makes.
  • Uniform illumination of the remote object owing to a separated optical outlet at the tip. Increased light output by use of a light condenser in all devices up to Ø 6 mm.
  • The instrument is resistant to fuels, oil and other conventional solvents as well as is water-tight

Design types

  • Zoom eyepiece: Design types with and without zoom eyepiece
  • Diameters: 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm
  • Effective lengths: From 250 mm to 690 mm (larger lengths on request)
  • Viewing directions: From 55°, slanted view ahead, to 115° retrospective view
  • Field of view: 35° and 50°
  • Accessories: Angle piece, mirror tube, protection tube, photo and camera adapter

Extendable borescopes with warm light illumination 

The borescopes have been laid out for inspecting long components and work devices or bridging major distances. Typical applications are pressure tanks, pipes, steam boilers, large-size diesel engines or helicopter rotor blades. Borescopes of this type can be extended by means of extension tubes (Ø 24 mm) up to a length of 30,000 mm. High-performance halogen lamps of a compact design (low voltage) integrated in the replaceable objective lens head provide for optimum brightness throughout the inspection area. 

Technical specifiations

  • Flexible system with regard to the working length. Viewing direction and eyepiece type adaptable by replacing different components.
  • Jacket tube made of stainless steel, temperatureresistant up to 120°C
  • From Ø 14 mm, the borescopes are available in water - tight design on request
  • High-performance warm-light halogen lamps

Design types

  • Shank diameter: 9 mm, 14 mm, 18 mm and 24 mm
  • Effective length: From 500 to 30,000 mm depending on the borescope
  • Viewing directions: Removable objective lens heads with viewing directions 0°, 45°, 90°, 110°, Objective lens head with continuously adjustable viewing direction
  • Field of view: 60°
  • Accessories: power supply, rechargeable battery, charger, centring device for pipe inspection, angulated attachment, photo and camera adapter, zoom eyepiece

The new LED econoscope offers outstanding image quality, super-bright illumination, compact design and network and fiber optic independent operation – and all of it at an affordable price.

The super-bright miniature LED at the lens illuminates the very darkest corners. The extremely long service life of the LED means that replacing it is unnecessary. The brightness can be adjusted, so adapting the light intensity to suit different applications is no problem. A powerful lithium-ion storage battery enables network-independent operation. the device can also be extended into a complete video-endoscope video kit. 

Standard design (contained in the basic set) 

  • Combined transformer/charger in Euro plug enclosure, connection 220 V (others on request) 

Econoscope designs

  • Diameter: 9 mm and 5 mm
  • Working length: 275 mm (9 mm), 350 mm (5 mm)
  • Direction of view 90°



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