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vuflex/belt borescope
Description :
VUFLEX – the thin videoscope at one glance
Two bright high-power LEDs
Flexible, bending radius 50 mm (when storing 800 mm)
Robust, yet flexible, stainless steel material
Optimized illumination for 100° and 120° FOV
Optional swivel camera head (up/down)
Innovative thermal management to limit LED emissions
Can be combined with various FOSAR tools
Possibility of power feeding via a manipulator or robotic handling device
Production model or special production for your individual application
Characteristics :
The special camera for steam generator inspections
Challenging tasks such as the maintenance of sensitive areas, e.g. in nuclear power plants, require reliable and smart inspection solutions. The VUFLEX was developed especially for the visual inspection of tube bundles in steam generators. With its small dimensions and its flexibility, the VUFLEX can be easily manoeuvred between the tubes. With the slightly downward inclined camera head, which can even be swivelled depending on the model, you can easily inspect the spaces between tubes and transition areas to pipe discs in steam generators. The high-performance LED illumination is ideal for brightly illuminating the entire inspection area.
Thin videoscope with unique construction
In its thinnest version the VUFLEX is only 2.4 mm wide. The biggest VUFLEX version still measures only 6.5 mm. The construction of this thin videoscope is unique. It is vertically completely stable and horizontally extremely flexible. In addition, the thin videoscope features industry-leading optics and image sensors as well as a high-intensity dual LED illumination system.
As a custom-made product, each VUFLEX can be individually adapted to your requirements. Please contact us for possible modifications of our thin videoscope.
Long exposure and brightness control
It is not always possible to navigate directly to the places where you want to record a defect or object. This is what we had in mind when we designed this extra-thin videoscope. For that reason, we equipped the VUFLEX with an image sensor that allows an adjustable exposure time between 1/50 seconds and 6 seconds. This way, it is possible to visualize defects that occur between the tubes of steam generators in distances up to one meter.
VUFLEX – Standard and special products
Our thin videoscope is as serial product VUFLEX S available. In order to be able to react quickly, we usually have this inspection camera always at hand for you. The VUFLEX S is a powerful narrow videoscope. It has been developed especially for applications in condition monitoring where the optical performance of the camera is of primary importance.
Our thin videoscope does not seem to fully meet your needs? Then please contact us. We will look at the requirements of your application and will be happy to adapt the VUFLEX to them.
The secure videoscope for sensitive environments
Our thin videoscope VUFLEX is a single piece construction without joint between head and band. While thin videoscopes made by other manufacturers often show a partial or even full head detachment, you will never have this problem with our VUFLEX. Avoid the risk of leaving foreign objects in the inspection area caused by head detachment. During the development of our thin videoscope, we decided that we must create a thin camera system that will not leave any parts in your application. Therefore, our VUFLEX is a thin, wear-optimized videoscope made of a single piece of stainless steel.
The VUFLEX is a special endoscope for the inspection of pipes, pipe lanes, spaces between tubes and transition areas to pipe discs.
The VUFLEX is especially convincing in the following fields: 
  • Steam generator inspections in power plants and nuclear facilities
  • Inspections of tube bundles
  • Testing of tube bundle heat exchangers


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